A labe for the common aesthetic design and affordable price


Tokyo and Berlin. Having two cities as our home base, NINO KI NOTA started its initiative in 2005. Minimalism is our core concept. Timeless beauty of design, whose spark won’t fade away by time; we design our product focusing on a sense of aesthetics that we all can share. Our product features basic yet classic design that will go well with any taste of styling and lifestyle.


Producing products have an impact on the environment. What matters most is a small-lot production to maintain high quality as well as to prevent waste.


We get started with what we can do now. Focusing on fairness and transparency towards producers as well as costumers, we manufacture our products at an affordable price. We think outside the box of conventional approach.






First step - Sewing factory


The Factory we are cooperating is located in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.


The company guarantees that there is no child labour in their facilities. The salaries for employees are fair and correct.


The cooperation with this factory is transparent in any stage of the process, so from acquiring the material for the backpack to the product.


The sewing technology and machines used are the highest standard and quality. The employees are also delivering excellent handwork for detail parts of the bag.

© 2016 NINO KI NOTA.  All rights reserved.

© 2016 NINO KI NOTA.  All rights reserved.